A Fishing Raft For All Your Travel Adventures

A Fishing Raft For All Your Travel Adventures

The Stealth Fishing Raft isn't just for your favorite local fishing haunts.

Because of its incredible versatility, the Stealth can go on just about any adventure where there's water.

...Explore new local waters, like small streams and lakes.

...Or pack it up for an exotic trip to the Amazon River, like we did.

The Stealth has been flow in, and backpacked into remote areas of Alaska, it's seen multiple oceans, the Gulf Coast, lakes from coast to coast, and it's been down all the greatest Western, Mid, Central and Eastern rivers.

Our Flycraft fly fishing pros have navigated the best of the U.S. fishing waters. They love that they can explore all new water too, with the versatility of the Stealth.

Because of its packability, the Stealth can fit into 2 large suitcases or duffle bags, trunk of a car, or rv compartment. Basically, it can go where you go.

So the real question is...

...Where will your Stealth fishing boat take you?

Really, we want to know. Leave a comment below and fill us in on your travel plans...