The World's Most Versatile Small Inflatable Fishing Boat
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Flycraft In Wild Alaska


Gritty Bowmen: EPISODE 200: World's Most Versatile Hunting & Fishing Boat - FLYCRAFT
On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk to Flycraft. Its unique and innovative design might make it the world’s most versatile hunting and fishing boat on the market. People think it’s like a raft or a canoe, but it’s more like a drift boat. Check it out on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean or YouTube.
Kayak Angler Magazine Boat Review: Flycraft USA Stealth
It's not a fishing kayak, but you can paddle, row, buzz around with a motor on it, blast through rapids and fish all day long in the Flycraft USA Stealth. Hop in and come along for the ride as Kayak Angler web editor puts the versatile, inflatable boat to the test.


A Day on the Water with Flycraft Pros George Daniel and Lance Egan
Watch as Flycraft Pro's Lance Egan, George Daniel and George's 6-year-old son Logan float and fish a western trout stream. Lance lives in Utah where Flycraft is based, but George and his son live in Pennsylvania so it was a real treat for us and Lance to show them one of our Rocky Mountain trout streams.

Check out Logan using Flycraft's new 3rd seat option! 3rd seat is perfect for that fishing buddy 100 lbs or less!

Special thanks to local companies Drop Jaw Flies​ for designing those deadly streamers and Rising Fish​ for that hog scooping net and quality tools!
Flycraft Pro: George Daniel
Flycraft is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Pro Team: George Daniel. An expert angler from Pennsylvania, George has made a name for himself as a long time fly fishing guide, best selling author, casting instructor, speaker, and the list goes on. Simply put, this dude is one of the top fly fishermen out there and we couldn't be happier to have him on board!

In this video, the Flycraft crew floats one of Utah's rivers with George and his 6 year old daughter who will out fish most adults!

To see more of George, check out the Pro's section of our website:

or George's website, where you can book guide trips and see what speaking engagements he is attending: