Q: Are the Flycraft boats stable?
A: They are extremely stable. In fact these boats were designed to allow two people to stand and fish safely. We kept the perfect amount of width to keep it stable but got a tremendous amount of performance out of the narrower design. Pair this with our high pressure drop stitched floor and you have an extremely stable watercraft.

Q: Are they self bailing?
A: Our flagship craft, the Flycraft Stealth is not self bailing. The Stealth 2.0, Stealth X, and Guide models are self-bailing.

Q: Are they solo rafts, 2-person, or 3-person rafts?
A: All of the above. You can use the Stealth, Stealth 2.0, and Stealth X as a solo-raft or two-man raft and with swivel seats, so you can switch off rowing. With the 2:1 anchor system, it's super slick to drop anchor and fish solo or with two people. The anchor will keep you pointing straight down river. The Stealth and Stealth 2.0 are also very easy to transport solo. The Stealth X is great for solo use if you have a pickup or trailer. Plus the Stealth X and Guide can fit 2-3 adults comfortably.

Q: What about bringing a kid along, too?
A. For the Stealth and Stealth 2.0 models, we offer a 3rd seat that attaches to our rear rack for anyone under 100 lbs. The Stealth X and Guide easily accommodates 3 adults.

Q: How durable is this boat/ what’s the bottom made of?
A: It was designed with an extra layer of armor protecting the tubes as well as skid plates on the four corners which are the highest wear areas. It was designed to be dragged when needed.

Q: How much draft?
A: About 3-4” depending on how heavy it's loaded.

Q: Does is pack up?
A: The frame breaks into 7 pieces and the raft deflates and roll up. You can store it in a closet, put it in your truck, or even fly with it.

Q: How heavy/long/wide is it?
A: Specs for the Stealth: 95 lbs. 149" long, 46” wide.
Specs for the Stealth 2.0: 103 lbs. 140" long, 51” wide.
Specs for the Stealth X: 132 lbs. 144" long, 56” wide.
Specs for the Guide: 145 lbs. 168" long, 56” wide.

Q: Does it balance well with 1 person?
A: The Stealth, Stealth 2.0 and Stealth X balances well with 1 person. This is as much a one person boat as it is a 2, but now when you’re fishing alone, you’re in a boat that you can stand up and fish from, anchor, and transport easily. The Stealth X is great for solo use if you have a pickup or trailer.

Q: Does it come with a lean bar?
A: All Flycraft boats have built in reverse lean bars. Instead of having something in front of you that you have to cast around and can tangle your line, we’ve incorporated it behind your legs. If you position your legs on each side of the boat pressing against the tubes with your calves against the frame you’ll find you are extremely stable. Plus it keeps the area clear around you for better fishability and no line tangles. We also offer traditional lean bars for all our models.

Q: Can I take my dog with me?
A: Our rafts are rugged enough to withstand the shallow streams and rocky put ins we fish, so dogs are no problem whatsoever. The rigid and flat bottom of the boat provide a much more stable platform for dogs than any other small vessel so your dog can move around without rocking the boat. The rear cargo rack can also be converted into a comfortable and out of the way dog platform.

Q: How long will this boat last me?
A: Depends on how hard you use it. But a lifetime of 10-20 years should be expected.

Q: What happens if I get a hole?
A: We’ve designed these water crafts to withstand what the river can throw at it, however with hard use things can happen. If this happens, simply patch the leak or we can do it for you. Any manufacturer’s defects are covered under our 3 year warranty.

Q: Can you put a motor on it?
A: Yes, the Flycraft Stealth and Stealth 2.0 can handle any gas or electric up to 30 pounds (so if you have a 5 horse that weighs 50 lbs, it's too heavy (we sell a great motor that works great.) The Stealth X and Guide models handle up to a 3.5 hp motor.

Q: Are Flycraft boats susceptible to being punctured by a hook?
A: Flycraft boats are very hook-resistant. Due to the tube diameter it is hard for a hook to even hook onto the tube and puncture it. We know of two punctures from a hook in 5 years. Both were quickly and easily patched up. Every boat comes with an easy-to-use patch kit.

Q: How do I prevent idle deterioration (storing it between seasons)?
A: Store your Flycraft out of weather and sun. The recommended way to store it is to leave it inflated with a little less air pressure. But if you need to keep it loosely rolled up in a closet or garage, that'll work too.

Q: What size rapids does the Flycraft boats handle?
A: The Stealth and Stealth 2.0 are rated for class II rapids. We've seen it handle higher class ratings, no problem. But it depends on the skill level of the oars-person. We default to our class II rating to error on the side of caution. The Stealth X and Guide models are rated for class III.

Q: I need a custom package that is not listed as an option on your site. What should I do?
A: You can do one of two things: You can easily build out a custom order on our site by adding to cart the base package of the model you want, that is closest to your needs, then simple add on any extra gear you need … or give us a call at 801-810-4022 and we’ll gladly build it out for you.

Q: Can I put your rack on my Flycraft boat and a motor
A: You can. The Stealth motor package does not come with a rack but you can easily add it to your order. And the rack and motor can be attached at the same time, no problem. Just be aware, you may have to do a little smart packing with your gear, you don’t want to stack your gear too high, so it’s in the way of moving the tiller. We also sell two great tiller extension handles, to make things more comfortable for you. Just click HERE to add a rack.

Q: How long will it take for a newbie to have a new Flycraft put together and floating?
A: If you use an electric pump and you've put the boat together a few times (with tool free hardware and quick releases), 10 minutes for one person is very realistic. With a hand pump, two people could set it up in that time. Most people can easily set it up in 10-20 minutes. You may find that you also do not need to break it down all the way for transport or storage - this saves time too.

Q: How do Flycraft boats handle the ocean with salt water and surf?
A: Flycraft boats handle salt water, no problem. The boat’s frame is super durable powder coated 6063 T5 aluminum. If you want to be extra good to your boat, just hose it off after taking it out on the sea. And Flycraft boats are great for calm surf days and protected bays. The Stealth and Stealth 2.0 are rated for class II rapids. The Stealth X and Guide are rated for class III rapids.

Q: Can you give me ALL the boat specs?
A: Yep. Here where to go for each model's specs:
Stealth 2.0:
Stealth X: