Rower's Gear Trays for Stealth X and Guide Boat Models


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These aluminum gear trays are designed to fit beside the rowers seat on the Flycraft Stealth X and Guide fishing boat models. Choose to have one on either side or just one on your preferred side. They are the perfect catch all for fly boxes, tools, tippet, snacks, or even just setting a drink down. The 1" lip around the edges keeps for gear from sliding off. 

Each tray also comes with a Fishpond Tacky Fly Dock. These silicon fly patches come with adhesive velcro strips allowing you to place them wherever you want on the trays (or even on the seat backs). When done fishing you can remove them and velcro the fly dock to the visor of your vehicle.


Black Powder Coated Aluminum
Trays sit 1" deep
17" x 12.25"
Includes Fishpond Tacky Fly Dock
Works on Flycraft X and Guide models.


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