Flycraft Trolling Motor Bow Mount


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The Flycraft Trolling Motor Bow Mount – for Stealth X and Guide models – will up your still water fishing game like you've never imagined!*
  • Control the motor from any seat in the boat with an easy-to-use remote control.
  • Cast and fish while controlling the motor.
  • Enjoy hands-free GPS and remote control steering of a bow mount electric trolling motor.
  • Now everyone in the boat can fish at the same time on lakes, ponds and the ocean!
  • While fishing solo, you can easily control the boat and fish at the same time!
  • This 3 lb mounting plate is incredibly easy to install. No drilling or bolting necessary as seen in the install video.
  • Quick release system allows you to mount or remove the motor in a few seconds (we do not recommend ever transporting the boat on land while the motor is mounted).
  • Mount rated for up to a 55 lb thrust electric motor. 

FEATURES OF A BOW MOUNTED ELECTRIC MOTOR SYSTEM: The electric motor systems you can use with this Flycraft Trolling Motor Bow Mount can be controlled by a remote that you wear on a lanyard. Simple buttons will control your speed and direction and you can utilize the GPS functionality. Program GPS routes with the system and the boat will drive itself while you focus on fishing. If you need to net a fish or want to stay in place for a bit, press the spot lock/anchor button and the motor will hold its exact position. Since these motors rotate 360 degrees, even if the wind is moving you around the boat will hold its position.

We often still use a gas or electric motor on the back to get from point A to B, but while fishing we drop the bow mount down and enjoy an easy hands free motoring method.


Our mount is designed to work with the Minn Kota Quick Release Bracket MKA-21 and the Motor Guide Xi Quick Release Mounting Bracket Kit.

Motor we use:

Minn Kota PowerDrive 
55 lb thrust
48" or 54" shaft (both work fine)
MKA-21 Quick Release Bracket


*Motor not included.


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