Flycraft’s Inflatable Fishing Boat: Stealth 2.0 Fish Package (2-Man)


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The All-In-One Inflatable Boat, Drift Boat, and Motor Boat: The Stealth 2.0 Fishing Boat was created to be the perfect solution for fisherman and RVers alike, by fixing the frustrations of other fishing boats. You can now float virtually anywhere with this one-man or two-man inflatable fishing boat, giving you unprecedented access to pristine waters, and helping you avoid crowded, over-fished areas. Now you can explore side channels and narrow passageways of your favorite lakes and rivers, where the monsters swim. 

While keeping all the must-have features that made the Original Flycraft Stealth famous, the Stealth 2.0 also includes a self-bailing floora wider boat for greater stability, and more rocker to give you smoother maneuverability. A front lean bar also comes with the Stealth 2.0 Pro Packages, to give your front fisherman even more stability while casting and landing fish.

How The Stealth 2.0 Helps You Catch More Fish:

  • New self bailing floor: For those that have been waiting for the 2-man Stealth to become a self bailer, wait no more! With the same self bailing technology as the Stealth X and Guide models, the Stealth 2.0 opens up even more waters to you.

  • Securely stand while fishing with the new front lean bar. It easily raises and lowers to make getting in and out of the boat easy. Our classic "Reverse Lean Bar" technology is still part of the front of the frame for those that prefer that method of standing and casting

  • High pressure 5" dropped stitched floor provides a rock solid platform to stand on.

  • Gives you access to remote river sections with superior shallow draft technology (3-4 inches).

  • Launch from just about anywhere given its lightweight and extra-durable, bomb-proof construction.

  • Gives you all the comforts of a drift boat with the accessibility (to uncrowded waters) of a light-weight inflatable boat.

  • There's more rocker to the boat, giving you much greater maneuverability and a smoother ride through rapids.

  • Mount your gas or electric motor (up to 30 lbs).

  • Heavily reinforced bottom protects your boat from the river bottom.

  • 360 degree rotating seats help to switch off rowing or pivoting while landing fish.

  • Fits in a trunk of a car, RV compartment, or bed of a truck, which means no trailer, less hassle and more time fishing.



  • 5 Air Chamber, Bombproof Raft

  • Multi-Piece Ultralight Aluminum Frame

  • 2 Ultralight Seats with 360 Degree Seat Swivel

  • 2 Seat Quick Releases

  • Leafield D7 Valves

  • Internally Ran Anchor System

  • Cam Straps (includes 5)

  • Grade 8 Seat Mounting Hardware

  • Stainless Steel Frame Bolts

  • High Capacity Air Pump with Aluminum Shaft

  • Field Repair Kit

  • Bonus 1: Upgraded Flycraft Super-Strong Steel Oarlocks ($80 value)

  • Bonus 2: 3-Year Factory Warranty


2 Flycraft Shallow Water Oars: Lightweight and super strong. Rope wrapped and has spooned blades. ($400 value)

Flycraft Gear Rack: A lightweight way to store all your gear for the day or a multi-day trip on the rear of your boat. Strap your gear, store your cooler, or convert it to a 3rd seat for your kids. ($300 value)

Tool Free/Quick Release Hardware: Quickly assemble your boat in the field without needing tools. ($30 value)

2:1 Mechanical Advantage Anchor System*: Cam cleat, laser engraved locking carabiner and ball bearing pulleys. ($45 value)





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