VIDEO (Day 2): Winter Fly Fishing with Legend Lance Egan

VIDEO (Day 2): Winter Fly Fishing with Legend Lance Egan

Frozen Solitude: If you saw our last video, you saw us fishing in a blizzard on Utah's Green River in the end of December. As much as we loved the winter scenery with the snow falling, not to mention the cloud cover for streamer fishing, we were far from disappointed to wake up the next morning to sunshine. After a hearty breakfast we headed outside to scrap the ice off our Flycraft Stealth X boats and shovel the snow out from the past day's storm.

Fortunately, the harsh weather from the day before must have scared people away because once again, we were alone on the river. 25 degrees and sunshine felt like a day at the beach compared to the day before and we were very happy to find out the fish ate the streamer just as well in the bright sunlight ... well at least they did for Lance Egan. 

I'll admit, most of us noticed the streamer bite to be a little slower this day, which is typical for no cloud cover. Although a little slower for most of us, Lance showed us all why people call him the Fish Magnet. Once again, Lance probably brought around 30 or so fish to net which might have been as fun for us to watch as it was for him to do.

Lance Egan

Winter really is one of our favorite times to fish. Having an iconic river like the Green River to ourselves is truly magical.

If you think this river is beautiful in the summer, you should see it when the banks and cliffs are covered in ice and snow. People always ask us if we are crazy fishing in the cold, but the truth is, there is no place we would rather be. In the boat we are able to bring whatever we need to stay warm: plenty of warm clothes, thermoses of coffee, and lots of food. 

Lance Egan Green River Flycraft Stealth X inflatable fishing boat

Big thanks to Lance Egan for joining us, it's always a blast to fish with this guy.


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Featured in this film:

Flycraft Pro - Lance Egan | @lanceeganflyfishing

Flycraft CEO - Ben Scribner

Flycraft VP Sales - Brandon Collett | @trickingtrout

Flycraft Operations Manager - Brad Buchanan | @thebradbuchanan

Filmed and Produced by: Kevin Landgren