Tips For Fishing From an Inflatable Fishing Boat

Tips For Fishing From an Inflatable Fishing Boat

Watch the video below for easy tips for fishing from a Flycraft Stealth inflatable fishing boat...

Tips For Fishing In a Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Drift Boat:

1) Be in good communication with your oarsman. You don't want them floating over the runs you want to fish. And sometimes you'll want them to slow you up so you can fish that spot better.


2) When you're in narrow waters, it's not about fishing long drifts, it's about fishing little targets. It's about hitting that spot behind that log, and then the next one. Watch the video above to see how Brandon does this.


3) A lot of times, especially in smaller rivers, you don't have room to back cast. You'll want to utilize tension casts or a roll cast, so you're not getting stuck in branches. 


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