Landon Mayer, Fly Fishing Author & Pro, As Flycraft’s New Brand Ambassador

Landon Mayer, Fly Fishing Author & Pro, As Flycraft’s New Brand Ambassador

Landon Mayer endorses the Stealth inflatable fishing boat calling it, “A traveling anglers ultimate tool!”

Flycraft, known as the world’s most versatile inflatable fishing boat, proudly announces Landon Mayer, legendary fly fishing author and pro, as their newest brand ambassador.


“The Flycraft Stealth has changed the way I fish Colorado lakes.“ 21-year fly fishing veteran, Mayer, said of the inflatable fishing boat. “This boat is extremely portable with an inflated weight of 98 lbs with the frame. Within minutes, I can unload it from the bed of my truck ready and inflated, roll it to the water, and launch from any location. I am now able to add an additional layer of flexibility to my adventures by expanding my trout hunt to locations that are suitable for any particular day, regardless of wind conditions.”

“It is truly a traveling anglers ultimate tool!" says Landon Mayer.

Flycraft Stealth Small Inflatable Fishing BoatAbout Landon Mayer

Landon Mayer, a fly-fishing instructor, long-time guide in the Florissant, CO area, and author, has made his mark in the fly fishing world with his obsession and expertise pursuing large trout with small flies and lightweight fly-fishing gear.

Landon Mayer Endorses Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Fishing Boat


Mayer’s passionate about sharing his techniques and tricks of the sport with other fly fishing enthusiasts via guiding, teaching classes, writing for Fly Fisherman and High Country Angler magazines, and through his books 101 Trout Tips: A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics and Techniques (new for 2015), Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing, Sight Fishing for Trout, and How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life, in addition to two DVDs:  Landing the Trout of Your Life and Weapons of Bass Production.

Mayer also raves about the ease of throwing the Stealth into the back of his truck, and heading out to fish, no problem. A trailer is not needed with the Flycraft Stealth small fishing boat, which is a plus for fishing pros and all fishermen alike.

“It’s also a huge advantage to be able to stay low and stealthy to sneak up on rising fish, but then be able to stand up once in position to fight that fish for make that longer cast to a fish further away,” says Mayer.


Flycraft Stealth Small Inflatable Fishing Boat