How To Land More Fish By Launching Where Others Can't

How To Land More Fish By Launching Where Others Can't

If you've ever wondered how being able to launch your boat from anywhere gives you a major fishing advantage, watch the video below. You'll see what kind of fish you can land in spots no one can get to (unless you have a Flycraft).


You get serious fishing advantages with the Flycraft 2-man and 3-man boat given its unique size, durability and versatility.

When you add in the ability to launch just about anywhere, you gain access to literally thousands of new, small or large streams, rivers, and lakes.

With its extremely durable 1 millimeter thick interwoven nylon PVC and extra armor in strategic areas, the Flycraft Stealth 2-man and 3-man can easily be carried to new launch sites, over obstacles or difficult portages.

These crafts eliminate the hassles of boat ramps, towing a trailer, and still gives you all the comfort and stability of a drift boat.

And their shallow draft of 3 inches can get you into some incredibly skinny water, giving you access to unlimited pristine fishing spots.

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