How the Flycraft Anchor System Works

How the Flycraft Anchor System Works


Video Transcription:

Hey this is Kevin with Flycraft, Today we’re taking a look at the anchor system we use on our boats. The anchor system is the same across all our models.

Starting at the front, on the right hand side next to the rowers seat is the anchor cam. These are used to lock the anchor rope in place.

The anchor rope runs forward and over a pulley as it enters the frame. The anchor system is internally routed for a clean tangle free design.

It runs to the back of the craft where there is another pulley and the two to one system.

The two to one system does a couple things. First it gives you a completely centered anchor point so that your craft stays in line with the current. Second it gives you a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage when raising and lowering the anchor. This makes raising a 20 pound anchor feel like a 10 pound anchor.

When the anchor system is in the 2 to 1 mode you have about 20 feet of depth to drop your anchor.

If more depth is needed like when fishing on still water, you can disconnect the anchor rope from the eyelet on the left side and use the system as a 1 to 1 giving you roughly 40 feet of anchor depth. We tie the rope to the eyelet with a standard bowline knot.

Flycraft Anchor System

The anchor is attached with a sealed bearing pulley and a carabiner. If you purchased your anchor from us We use a pyramid shaped metal encased lead anchor which has the best stopping power to weight ratio as well as prevents any lead from getting into the river.

Our anchor system is also compatible with the Flycraft Stealth motor package as well.

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