Floating the West in the Flycraft Stealth

December 27, 2019

Floating the West in the Flycraft Stealth

Here's a video from our Flycraft team trips last summer, floating western rivers. There's tons of fish, rad footage, and the best times were had!

Check it out...

Brandon's Top 3 Tips For Fishing Western Rivers From A Flycraft:

1. Fish an attractor as close to the bank as you can. In the summer our rivers are crawling with bugs. We'll see stoneflies, hoppers, ants, beetles, caddis, etc. While floating, matching the hatch becomes less important because we find enough fish looking up. A well placed kast with your favorite attractor dry fly is much more important often times than what fly it is. An accurate cast placing your fly inches from the bank can make a big difference. Many of these bugs live on the banks and fall into the water, so a drift inches from the bank verses a foot or two can be the difference between getting an eat or not. 


2. Fish all the good water. Although I just stressed the importance of a tight to bank drift, don't pass up that perfect shallow riffle or bucket behind a boulder!


3. Don't be afraid to add movement to your dry fly. When caddis or the above mentioned terrestrials end up in the water, they are normally trying to get out as quick as they can. Twitching or skating your fly more often is the key to triggering that eat. I can't tell you how many times I've dead drifted a hopper through a run with no luck, then tried again while twitching the fly and had a fish smash it!


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