Announcing Paper Bag Fisherman As Flycraft’s Newest Brand Ambassador

Announcing Paper Bag Fisherman As Flycraft’s Newest Brand Ambassador

Ymir, British Columbia isn't known as a fly fishing mecca. Yet in Ymir, lives one of the most passionate anglers on the planet. 

He doesn't talk much and when he does, he speaks with a knowledge, obsession and conviction that inspires others to be better anglers, and conservationists, and to better appreciate the times spent in wild places. 

He feels that fishing is really not about the angler, it’s about the fish, so he simply hides his identity with a pre-drawn paper bag and lets the fish get all the glory.

“The Paper Bag is a useful item. When properly contemplated, it may be one of the most useful inventions of all time.”
-Paper Bag Fisherman


Andrew Leus, aka Paper Bag Fisherman, has fostered a lifelong love of moving water, and everything in it.  He studies the aquatic world with an urgency and intensity that few have for ANY topic, and he travels far and wide throughout southern BC, northern Montana, Idaho and Washington looking to expand his knowledge.  

Bull trout are his addiction, streamers his weapon of choice, and the Flycraft 2 Man Stealth his mode of transport. You might find him using a fiberglass rod to cast repurposed barbie dolls in hidden, far away spots that hold the biggest bulls.

And then, when a giant is finally in the net, the bag goes on. There is no feeling on earth like fishing for bull trout, having one take you into the backing and then, BAM! Andrew comes out of nowhere and slams a paper bag on your head while you try to tail what you are sure is one of the largest char ever caught!  

When not fishing, Andrew is a talented artist creating obscure works of amazingly intricate art. From large paintings to hobbled together sculptures made from found items on his long walks and time on the water, his art is truly unique and worthy of the praise it has garnered.

It’s turned into a bit of a tradition this paper bag thing, and Andrew is known far and wide as "The Paper Bag Fisherman", but at its roots is an incredibly authentic, and creative soul looking to learn, share and create memories with friends on the water, and in the Flycraft.