6 Ways An Inflatable Raft Is Better Than A Drift Boat For Fishing

6 Ways An Inflatable Raft Is Better Than A Drift Boat For Fishing

Find Out How Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Raft Is Better Than A Drift Boat For Fishing...

Ben Scribner, founder of Flycraft, is a hardcore fisherman. He spends his weekends out on the water (and weekdays too if he can find an excuse). But for years he tried out different drift boats, pontoons, and inflatable rafts on a quest for the “perfect fishing boat”. None of them were quite right. You either can’t stand to cast while floating, the craft can only handle one person, or it required a truck and trailer to transport.

So he knuckled down and got serious about designing the best inflatable raft for fishing, rving and adventuring, even if he had to make it himself …

...and it would have every detail pored over to achieve ultimate performance, based on years of experience fishing out of a boatThis is how the most versatile boat in the world was born.

If you’re wondering specifically what are the differences between a drift boat and the Stealth...


Here’s 6 Ways The Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Raft Is Better Than A Drift Boat For Fishing:  

#1. The Stealth gives you unlimited access to hard-to-get-to fishing spots because of it’s light-weight (98 lbs) and motoring capabilities.

You can launch the Stealth from just about anywhere, which gives you access to new, untouched fishing holes (where the monsters tend to hang out). You can also explore the side channels and narrow passageways of your favorite rivers, avoiding crowded, over-fished areas altogether because the Stealth floats high in the water like a lightweight pontoon, for you to easily navigate shallow waters or lift it over logs or fences. And the layout inside the boat has been carefully designed to not snag your fly line as well as offer ultimate fishability.

This opens up endless possibilities for fishing exploration and truly getting away from everyone.


#2. You get the advantages of a drift boat but with much, much more versatility.

You can use the Stealth as a comfortable two-man craft (plus a kid or dog) or a solo-boat, no problem. And with a double-reinforced, super stable floor, you're able to cast easily while standing, just like in a drift boat. With two swivel seats, you can quickly switch off rowing and fishing with your buddy.  For novice rowmen, the Stealth doesn’t get any easier to handle. And it's perfect for running any river you’d take your drift boat down, but a lot more. People are often worried that the boat is only for smaller waters.

The Stealth’s small size, combined with it’s rigid sealed floor gives you even better performance than a drift boat. It’s rigid floor gives it a drift-boat-like solid floor feeling. The floor being sealed and not a self bailer causes less drag in the water while rowing for cleaner drifts, easier anchoring, and more efficient motoring and a stiff floor that will still morph over rocks in the shallows.


#3. No Boat Ramps Needed. No Trailer Necessary. 

With the Stealth, there’s no trailer or launching hassles. Which means you can launch your boat on rivers that don’t even have boat ramps, which opens up more water. You can float rivers people with drift boats cannot access. Go ahead and launch it at your favorite boat ramp with the drift boats, or launch it off the bank on your favorite small walk and wade stream.

 If you need to shuttle vehicles up and down rivers or lakes, it’s painless, given the Stealth fits in or on top of a car, truck or RV.

Use a trailer if you want to, but the Stealth is just as easy to transport on the roof or a car, the bed of a truck, or even your trunk. And unloading and loading out of a truck is the slickest thing since sliced bread


#4. You can sneak up on fish better.

With an uber stable, double reinforced floor and reverse-lean technology, the Stealth helps you cast perfectly while standing. Without the hard bottom of a drift boat, the Stealth is … well stealthy & quiet. And the shallow 3” draft definitely helps you sneak up on fish. 

The Stealth also offers better fishability with more room to cast, fight a fish, and less of a chance of line catch. 


#5. A Flycraft Stealth is considerably cheaper than a drift boat.

You’ll pay about $4,000-$7,000 more for a drift boat than a Flycraft Stealth… plus trailer maintenance/registration.

Storage can also be an issue with a drift boat. With the Stealth, storage is minimal. The whole set up fits in the trunk of your car. Plus no truck or trailer is needed to transport it. It can even be checked on a plane and travel anywhere in the world.

Given its versatility, the Stealth also replaces a pontoon, tender, raft, kayak, canoe, and motorboat so you can explore way more water without shelling out a lot of coin. 


#6. Little to no rowing experience needed.

The Stealth is more forgiving for running difficult rivers. Inexperienced rowers can row a Stealth without worrying about ruining the fiberglass or sinking the boat. With it's lightweight, the Stealth is super maneuverable. Plus it can scrape over shallow bottoms or bounce off rocks in rough rivers that could otherwise cause a lot of damage to a drift boat. The insane tracking makes it even easy for small children to row.

And if you're an experienced rower, you will love the performance of this lightweight boat and the new places this boat will take you.


If you’re debating between a drift boat or something else … well, we’re biased … but the Stealth is hands down the best all-in-one craft for serious fishing. It can float every river a drift boat will and a whole lot more. A Stealth Flycraft offers all the benefits of both a raft and drift boat without the negatives of either, the perfect hybrid.

See for yourself. Here’s what Stealth owners are saying: